T. Anders Carson

PoetryPoetry is proud to present excerpts from the Compact Disc Stain by the Canadian poet, T. Anders Carson. From the liner notes of Mr. Carson’s CD, Stain :

These poems are a shedding of ancestral skin. A time to reveal, release and renew. They mark a checkered past with a stain of suffering and a string of hope…. Thank you listener for sharing in this honest shedding.

You have two options for listening to the works. If you click on the selection’s download link you will hear the presentation only after the download has completed in its entirety (it may take a few minutes unless you have a high speed connection such as DSL or a cable modem). If you use a modem with a speed of 33.6K or better and you have a good connection and you don’t want to wait for a lengthy download to complete, you might try the streaming links. These should produce sound within seconds (although if your connection falters, the sound may stop, skip, or get choppy).

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