Poetry Mavens, Evermore 

Edgar Allan Poe

The Three Guys are, Charlie Rossiter, DanWilcox, and Tom Nattel, friends who share the idea that poetry should be part of society rather than apart from it–relevant, communicative and, above all, honest. Since forming in early 1993 they have performed their work throughout the country in coffee houses, bars, libraries, public schools, community centers, colleges and major poetry venues such as: Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York City; Green Mill, Chicago; Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA; SUNY-Plattsburg; Tinker St. Cafe in Woodstock, NY; Bread and Puppet Domestic Resurrection Circus in Glover, VT; Buttonwood Tree Cafe, Middletown, CT; Reader’s Feast, Hartford, CT and the QE2 nightclub in Albany, NY.

In the following performances you will hear the each of the three guys, singly, and in concert, perform works ranging from straightforward poetic readings to full-blown performance art. It is not unusual for the 3 Guys to employ props, costumes, homemade musical instruments, or even audience members in their pieces. The tone of the performances runs the gamut from the deeply personal to earnest social commentary to wacked-out lunacy. Their grand plan is to continue to bring poetry to the people by performing in all the Albanys of North America.

Where have they been so far? In 1994, they performed in Albany, VT. In October, 1995 they toured the midwest to perform at Albanys in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana as well as major midwestern poetry venues. In 1996, they performed in Albany, PA and in 1997 they toured southward to Albanys in Ohio and Kentucky. November 1999 they performed for 15 citizens of Albany, NH on the roadside under the town’s new “Welcome to Albany” sign and in March of 2,000 they performed at West Albany High School in Albany, Oregon.

As artist-activists they regularly perform at the annual Poets Action Against AIDS, Earth Day, Banned Books Week and benefits for other important causes. They’ve also appeared on NPR’s “Poet and the Poem,” and other public radio programs.

A few comments:

“…a visual celebration of creative imagery. Wilcox, Rossiter and Nattell are like high priests performing a ceremony of words.”
–Deborah Miles, Dir. for Public Programs, Albany Public Library

“…better than MTV, better than VH1, better than the Mickey Mouse Club”
–Georgia Popoff, Slammeister, Happy Endings Cafe, Syracuse

“Fast-paced, highly entertaining and even thought provoking!”
–Sherry Steiner, Dir. Le Petit Musee, Housatonic, MA

Dan Wilcox has had his poems published in a variety of small press magazines and anthologies and, as a photographer, he has accumulated what is probably the largest collection of photos of unknown poets in the world. Click here (1902k)to hear an interview (conducted by Charlie Rossiter) of 3 Guys spokesman, Dan Wilcox.

Charlie Rossiter, NEA fellowship recipient, producer/host of Poetry Motel TV program, has performed on KPFA in San Francisco, at the Kent State Gathering of Poets in Ohio, the Forest Gathering of Poets in Eugene, OR and he helped organize all-day readings at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

Tom Nattell is an international mail artist, environmental and peace activist who believes in using poetry and the other arts to advance peace, justice and a sane approach to the environment. He originated and for 10 years hosted Albany’s oldest continuous open mic series at the QE2 nightclub..


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