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Kerouac Sketching

This month Charlie explores “sketching” (aka Free Writing) as described by Jack Kerouac.
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at Los Camales

Red and green neon around a plastic relief of the virgin of Guadelupe “Mother of the Americas” I love that phrase and the too loud juke box spouts mariachi-like pop.  I can barely find the conga the friendly waitress told me how to say “scrambled” but I forgot already a good looking dark eyed Momma and two pre schoolers a dad and his daughter and Anglo me.  That’s ok this is the best breakfast in Chicago          huevos con chorizo no other midwest sausage has the spice.  a large glittery chandelier over a table full of plastic cups spicy vegetables on each table in rectangular plastic containers with tongs on top.  So much to learn so much to know a whole language I’m going for–Espanol–why not burn some

grooves in the gray matter etcetcetc-


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Writing Down the Bones

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