Renewing the efforts of February 12th, 2003, poets around the world gathered once again on March 5th, 2003, to raise their voices in protest against the possibility a U.S. invasion of Iraq. Several local Chicago area poets congregated at the Unity Temple in Oak Park to add their voices to the global protest and we, at PoetryPoetry, were there to transcribe the proceedings.

While the views and opinions voiced in these performances are those of the individual artists, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff at, we at PoetryPoetry are not squeamish. We do not feel that our government has made a morally justifiable case for the war against Iraq. Even as of this writing, (April 15th, 2003) as the combat efforts wind down, let us consider these facts:

  • Not one shred of evidence has been found linking Iraq to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
  • No weapons of mass destruction have been found.
  • While we allowed the rioting mobs to destroy Iraq’s infrastructure and treasured antiquities, we did protect Iraq’s Ministry of Oil.
  • If this war effort is being made in the name of democracy, we would do well to remember that Adolph Hitler was democratically elected.
  • Conversely, some might argue that Bush and Cheney were not properly elected.
  • Cronies of Dick Cheney (i.e. Halliburton, et. al.) are lining up to rebuild Iraq.
  • It’s American taxpayer dollars going into the rebuilders’ pockets.
  • One question: If Iraq was such a threat, why were they so easily defeated?
  • One brief speculation: Is Syria next?
  • One more question: Is this war effort worth the lives of our service men and women?

Enough with the editorializing and on with the poetry! Click here to stream the entire indexed performance, or click on the Stream or Download links below to listen to individual artists. WARNING: As with any topic that arouses passion and ire, some of the language used may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive souls.


[ Stream | Download ]Charlie Rossiter: Introduction to “Poets Against the War”
[ Stream | Download ]Charlie Rossiter reads “But Will They Stand the Test of Time?” by Tom Nicotera

[ Stream | Download ]Three poems by Bob: Ayan Harg, What You Don’t See, Zymosis
[ Stream | Download ]Patricia McMillan: Merry Christmas by Langston Hughes, Poem Against War

Jared Smith
[ Stream | Download ]Jared Smith: Seven Minutes Before the Bombs Drop and Poem for War by Bill Zavatsky (NYC)

C. J. Laity
[ Stream | Download ]C. J. Laity: Rwanda, and CJ’s Rant

Al De Genova
[ Stream | Download ]Al De Genova: American Lost Soul, Sunset on the Dome, and Memorial Day

Nancy Carrigan
[ Stream | Download ]Nancy Carrigan: The Warbirds, and Power’s Wardrobe

Donna Pucciani
[ Stream | Download ]Donna Pucciani: Again, and Plea

Jack Rossiter-Munley
[ Stream | Download ]Jack Rossiter-Munley: A Few Things I’ve Learned in My Short Yet Somewhat Eventful Life

John Starrs

Kugelkaryatide, by Fritz Koenig, a monument (now in Battery Park NYC) that originally commemorated world peace. It survived the destruction of the World Trade Center (with some considerable damage) and now commemorates the victims of 9/11. Ironically, it also seems to depict what has become of world peace.