Maria Mazziotti Gillan

PoetryPoetry is proud to present Maria Mazziotti Gillan, author of the books:

  • Where I Come From
  • Unsettling America
  • Things My Mother Told Me

Maria’s book, Unsettling America, was designated as an “outstanding book for the college bound and life-long learner” by a division of the American Library Association. Much of the following audio presentation was recorded a few years ago in upstate New York as part of the television program, Poetry Motel. This series of interviews and readings was hosted by Charlie Rossiter.

You have two options for listening to the works. If you click on the selection’s title, the work will be downloaded to your computer. Using this method you will hear the presentation only after the download has completed in its entirety (it may take a few minutes unless you have a high speed connection such as DSL or a cable modem). If you use a modem with a speed of 33.6K or better and you have a relatively good connection and you don’t feel like waiting for a lengthy download to complete, you might try the streaming links. These should produce sound within seconds (although if your connection falters, the sound may stop, skip, or get choppy).

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Growing Up Ethnic in America

Identity Lessons: Contemporary Writing about Learning to Be American

Where I Come from: Selected and New Poems

The Weather of Old Seasons

Flowers from the Tree of Night

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