A Poetry Night at the Green Mill

With host Marc Smith (pictured above) and featured poet Taylor Mali of NYC (pictured below).

Sweet goodnight poems for her

Our original idea for this feature was to record Marc Smith, inventor of the poetry slam, doing his own dynamic, heartfelt poetry on a typical Sunday night at the legendary Green Mill (Chicago, IL, USA) where he has been the most masterful of Master of Ceremonies for over a decade. We wanted to capture Marc’s poetry but also to highlight his marvelous way of working with the crowd and poets throughout the night. Once the mics were turned on, however, we decided to record the entire evening and give you a complete Sunday Evening at the Green Mill. So we let the tape roll and as a result, you can listen to almost two and a half hours of poetry, including the open mic, featured poet Taylor Mali, and a 7-poet slam judged by 3 highly idiosyncratic judges whose qualifications, as Marc attests, are non-existent. The piano accompaniment was masterfully played by David Flippo.

Incidentally, Taylor Mali was a wonderful feature who truly blew the audience away and who you may recognize from his major role in the movie SlamNation.

It was also our good fortune that C. J. Laity of Chicagopoetry.com was there on the night of May 6 and wrote a review which is posted on his website. What a nice reminder of what journalism is for!

Click here to stream the entire show.
Click here to stream just the open mic segment.
Click here to stream just the feature, Taylor Mali.
Click here to stream just the slam contest.


1. Peanuts by Marc SmithStreamDownload
2. An Introduction to Slam (Marc)StreamDownload
3. Maria McCraeStreamDownload
4. Two by Richard HanksStreamDownload
5. Audrey GrahameStreamDownload
6. Virgin DaveStreamDownload
7. Beer Vendor BobStreamDownload
8. Valentine from CameroonStreamDownload
9. Mike KadelaStreamDownload
10. Meta JonesStreamDownload
11. Otis Takes Us to OzStreamDownload
12. Schaumburg JeffStreamDownload
13. Randy from BerwynStreamDownload
14. Southdside JoeStreamDownload
15. Miscellany (Marc)StreamDownload
16. Introducing Taylor MaliStreamDownload
17. How Falling In Love is Like Owning a Dog (TM)StreamDownload
18. The Importance of Proofreading (TM)StreamDownload
19. Labeling Keys (TM)StreamDownload
20. The Quiet World as read by TMStreamDownload
21. I Could Be a Poet (TM)StreamDownload
22. TM gives us a “Political Poem”StreamDownload
23. A Poem from the Like-Free Zone (TM)StreamDownload
24. TM On Making a DifferenceStreamDownload
25. Marc at the Buckin’ A CafeStreamDownload
26. Marc Sings The Stupid SongStreamDownload
27. Slam Rules and Regs (Marc)StreamDownload
28. Slammer Alan (round 1)StreamDownload
29. Slammer Patrick (round 1)StreamDownload
30. Slammer Shappy (round 1)StreamDownload
31. Slammer Maggie (round 1)StreamDownload
32. Slammer Timothy Cook (round 1)StreamDownload
33. Slammer Jerome (round 1)StreamDownload
34. Slammer Chris (round 1)StreamDownload
35. Slammer Timothy Cook (round 2)StreamDownload
36. Slammer Patrick (round 2)StreamDownload
37. Slammer Shappy (round 2)StreamDownload
38. Beckoning from the Bandwagon of Uncertainty (TM encore)StreamDownload
39. All Hell’s Angels Want to Return to the Womb (TM encore)StreamDownload
40. Marc Smith Closes with a Sandburg PoemStreamDownload