In this feature our master of ceremonies interviews:
  • Jerome Rothenberg on Poems for the Millennium

This new work, Poems for the Millennium, is a two volume anthology of modern and post-modern poetry edited by Mr. Rothenberg and Pierre Joris. In addition to thousands of poems, the collection includes essays on international modernist movements and authoritative information on the poets. Introductory essays to each volume put the specific parts into an overall context of poetry’s development in the last century. Commenting on the project, Adrienne Rich has said: “Rothenberg and Joris have performed a heroic service to poets and poetry. . . For the reader of poetry, here is both archive and visionary adventure. For poets (and would-be poets), here is a mine of legacies and incitement to the scope and possibilities of our task.”

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Poems for the Millennium (Vol. 1)
Poems for the Millennium (Vol. 2)

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