Ain’t that a kick in the head? You’re running one of the most advanced and multimedia friendly operating systems known to humankind, yet it won’t play back our high fidelity streams, nor will it play our Poetry World Radio web radio content.

Apple is said to be working on the fix for this problem, i.e. a QuickTime extension that will allow iTunes to play Ogg Vorbis stuff. In addition, your occasionally clued-in tech guy, Bill, sometimes stumbles across workarounds.

For those of you who don’t want to wait patiently for Apple to fix the Safari/iTunes/QuickTime problems with ogg vorbis, I have outlined a recipe that will impart enough functionality for playback of the ogg streams. It’s not full point and click happiness, but it works.

My solution involves downloading and installing the “MacAmp Lite X” audio player which supports the ogg vorbis (as well as MP3) audio formats. There are other players, such as Audion and Whamb, but I’ve had problems with these ranging from sped up “chipmunk” voices (Audion), to incomplete playback (Whamb). Thus, I am recommending MacAmp Lite X.

  • MacAmp Lite X, may be downloaded from

Installing the aforementioned player will allow you to play our hi-fi streams as well as the Poetry World Radio offerings. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. To play a feature, or the Poetry World Radio offerings from Safari, Ctrl-Click on the “Stream” or “Radio” link that you wish to play, and save the link (by selecting the “Download Linked File”) to your a folder of your choice. (Your home or desktop folder are your best bets.) Now start the MacAmp Lite X player and from within the playlist window, click the “Add Files” button to open the link you just saved.
  2. Now click on MacAmp Lite X’s play button to start playback of the audio.

Good luck and enjoy the poetry!