An Open Mic for Earnest Ears

Our new selection of Open Mic features was recorded live at the “Black Box” in Newport, Oregon. Housed in the Newport Performing Arts Center, the Black Box Open Mic is affiliated with the Nye Beach Writer’s Series which was, in turn, founded by Carla Perry (pictured above). The Master of Ceremonies is Scott Rosin.

You have two options for listening to our presentations, i.e Streaming or Downloading. If you use a modem with a speed of 28.8K (the faster the better) and you have a relatively good connection, you might try the streaming links. These should produce sound within seconds (although if your connection falters, the sound may stop, skip, or get choppy). If your sound is choppy then use the download links. This method will provide better results over slower connections. Please note, however, that you will hear the presentation only after the download has completed in its entirety (which could take a few minutes unless you have a high speed connection such as a DSL or cable modem).

Click here to stream all the poems.

Carla Perry
     The Man [ Stream | Download ]
     Blueberries [ Stream | Download ]

Don Edmiston
     Stolen Futures [ Stream | Download ]
     Contemplations [ Stream | Download ]
     We Begin [ Stream | Download ]

Jim Fleming
     Miscellaneous Beach Disasters [ Stream | Download ]
     Antibodies [ Stream | Download ]

Josef Nash
     Unforgotten Occurrence [ Stream | Download ]
     Money Happy Hyena [ Stream | Download ]

Henry Lee
     Virgin God [ Stream | Download ]

Loie Bunse
     If [ Stream | Download ]
     Counting One Dollar Bills Fast [ Stream | Download ]
     Right in the Kaleval It Says [ Stream | Download ]

Lynn Jeffress
     Big Wheels [ Stream | Download ]
     Oregon Life [ Stream | Download ]

Andrew Rodman
     Egg – Unplug – WTO [ Stream | Download ]

Norm Winningstad
     Gentrification [ Stream | Download ]

Ed Cameron
     Dogs of Nye Beach [ Stream | Download ]

Rick Ragusa
     Mom [ Stream | Download ]

Scott Rosin
     Departure [ Stream | Download ]

Do you want to submit something to our Open Mic? It’s simple — just click on this link to see our guidelines and you’re on your way.

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