E. Donald Two-Rivers


Featured Poet, E. Donald Two-Rivers, an Anishanobae from the Ojibwa tribe of northwestern Ontario, has been a powerful voice on the Chicago poetry scene for many years. He is a winner of a 1999 American Book Award for his collection of short stories and has also authored numerous plays. His poems have appeared in countless literary magazines and anthologies, and he his widely known for his dynamic poetry performances.



Nina Corwin Introduces E. Donald Two-Rivers(Download) 1:30 (Stream) (265k)
A Poem for Mom(Download) 2:40 (Stream) (470k)
Untitled(Download) 4:14 (Stream) (746k)
The Warrior(Download) 2:33 (Stream) (449k)
Brief Encounters(Download) 1:31 (Stream) (269k)
The World Was Feverish With Snow…(Download) 2:21 (Stream) (416k)
A Fallen Leaf(Download) 3:11 (Stream) (560k)
Honest Drama(Download) 2:03 (Stream) (361k)
Strange Moments(Download) 2:56 (Stream) (519k)
Farewell(Download) 0:37 (Stream) (110k)