Regie Gibson

Regie Gibson

Regie Gibson, a winner of the 1998 National Slam Competition, was edged out for a second place finish in 1999’s competition. We love him anyway. He has taught, lectured and performed in seven countries, most recently Cuba. He’s also the Poet in Residence at the FEO Ellis Center and part of the music group Church of the Funky Word.

The following audio selections are taken from a reading given by Mr. Gibson at Healy’s West Side in Forest Park, Illinois in September 2000.

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 Introduction (286k) Stream Download
 Unclothed (955k) Stream Download
 Mississippi 66 (310k) Stream Download
 In the Year I Loved Your Mother (472k) Stream Download
 Warehouse (918k) Stream Download
 The Moon (694k) Stream Download
 I Will Not Know You Until I Have Watched You Sleep (822k) Stream Download
 Rosita Mae (1,594k) Stream Download


In January of 2001, Regie packed up and left Chicago to move to Boston, MA. (Lucky Beantown!) He was given a send-off at Chicago’s Guild Complex. Many of his friends and fellow poets were there to wish him bon voyage and share a poem or two. Regie was kind enough to give the standing-room-only crowd a final performance.

The following pieces were excerpted from this performance. The works were performed by Maria McCray, Avant Retro, and, of course, Regie and friends. Our emcee for the evening was “Mario”.

Due to the Regie’s use of musical accompaniment, each piece is presented in both a standard low-fidelity format and an enhanced high fidelity format. The Lo-Fi pieces are more suited to streaming by folks with modems whereas the Hi-Fi pieces may be streamed by those with broadband connections (cable modem, DSL, etc.)


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Sunshine (Maria McCrae)StreamDownload (711k)StreamDownload (2177k)
Night Life (Avant Retro)StreamDownload (558k)StreamDownload (1770k)
In the House Tonight (Avant Retro)StreamDownload (635k)StreamDownload (2001k)
Introduction (Mario)StreamDownload (186k)StreamDownload (591k)
Drum GreetingStreamDownload (1288k)StreamDownload (3979k)
The MoonStreamDownload (763k)StreamDownload (2391k)
An Ode to My First CarStreamDownload (383k)StreamDownload (1193k)
WarehouseStreamDownload (1069k)StreamDownload (3323k)
“But He Jumped Up!”StreamDownload (749k)StreamDownload (2321k)
In the Year I Loved Your MotherStreamDownload (722k)StreamDownload (2261k)
MiraStreamDownload (878k)StreamDownload (2773k)
Get the Book (Promotion)StreamDownload (118k)StreamDownload (371k)