Sista C: Jammin' and Jazzin' the Blues Away
Sista C's Wordbeat Poetry

Sista C (aka Charlotte Ferrell, M.A.) hails from Torrance, California. She attracts inter-generational, cross-cultural audiences and weaves a spell around her words with Wordbeat poetry (poetry with music or song). In doing so, she inspires greater appreciation for cultural diversity and the creative arts. You may reach Sista C by E-mail at or

In order to preserve the fidelity of Ms. Ferrell's work, we have encoded her material at a higher bitrate than usual. Those of you without a broadband connection, i.e. cable modem or DSL, won't be able to use the streaming links and should use the download links instead. Enjoy!

Click here to stream all of the selections.

1. Heart of My Heart (1,723K) [Download | Stream]
2. You Can't Have My Son (2,123K) [Download | Stream]
3. My Daughter Can't Come Out (1,854K) [Download | Stream]
4. The Thing About the Blues (2,781K) [Download | Stream]

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