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This month's Feature: David Hernandez

David Hernandez, has published two books of poetry and numerous anthologies. He's received grants and recognition from the Illinois Arts council and Chicago's Office of Fine Arts. In 1987 he was commissioned to write a poem commemorating Chicago's 150th birthday.

The following audio selections are taken from a reading given by Mr. Hernandez at Healy's West Side in Forest Park, Illinois.

Click here to stream all the audio selections.


 Introduction (160k)  Stream  Download 
 Armitage Street (418k)  Stream  Download 
 Why I Want to be a Real Poet (191k)  Stream  Download 
 She Was Supposed to be Here By Now (278k)  Stream  Download 
 Random Love (211k)  Stream  Download 
 Carmelita, The Avon Lady (494k)  Stream  Download 
 Martin and My Father (220k)  Stream  Download 
 How to Conjugate the Word, Hispanic (55k)  Stream  Download 
 Florencia (423k)  Stream  Download 
 Rooftop Piper (435k)  Stream  Download 
 Under the Bonsai Tree (494k)  Stream  Download 
 No Title (371k)  Stream  Download 

  David Hernandez, the Fidel Castro shot

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